Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Winter Snow

it's been snowing for three days now. oh dear. stuck at home with nothing to do. just hoping the sun shines when it's all over so i don't have to dig my car out of it's spot.this figurine is called A Winter Snow. & part of The Jessie Wilcox Smith Collection. see here to see the other figurines.


Julia said...

Beautiful Figurine!.
All that snow looks lovely to me here down under..
I will think of you while we eat our Christmas lunch on a hot day..
It would be lovely to have a white Christmas..
Have a lovely Christmas and New Year
Hugs Julia ♥

Shari said...

Do you really have nothing to do? Or is the snow zapping your energy...

Anonymous said...

Naar I don't believe you- you are elfing away with all sorts, this having nothing to do is just a ruse. :-) Soo what are you really up to?

Tine said...

I love that figurine! What a cute little guy :)

Corrie said... JWS. Thanks for sharing. Her pictures hang in my bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, whereever I can work them in.