Monday, January 10, 2011

3 things

some sparkly Hello Kitty fabric and a big scrap from stephaniexu. and as you can see. pre-washed!! last year i made some no-washing decisions. but that was last year. then a plastic-measuring-cup fell out of the cupboard and knocked over my sister's blue-bubble-glass and broke it. notice i said the plastic-cup broke it and not me. this one measures 5-3/4 in. high. she really loves them. if you see some out in your travels. and think you can pack them safely. let me know. she has so many of the short ones. i think perhaps the tall ones are harder to find. and i already showed you these zippie bags. just get a box and keep it in your sewing room. buttons. bobbins. embroidery thread. maybe just a sewing snack. what would you organize if you had some.


Kathie said...

I have a bag of zip loc bags different sizes in my sewing room I use them all the time
I never saw these, love that they have 2 in one bag I am going to have to find these! Oh the possibilities of these!

Lynn said...

I remember seeing something similar at Anthropologie when I was there before Christmas.
They are on the website under glassware and are called 'hobnail tumbler'. I like these bags, they'd be good for redwork.

Tine said...

The Hello Kitty fabric is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Sorry can't help with the glass. It looks quite retro and retro is in so you might be able to find something pretty similar.

Corrie said...

Hello Kitty...just makes you smile. Cool bags. Just bought some slider ziplocks for the sewing area.

Linda said...

No worries. More glasses will show up at the thrift shop one day.