Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oodles & Oodles

remember the last time i oodle'd you. picking more fabrics for Freda's Flowers hasn't been going so well. it's just me. but i have a solution. will update when i make more blocks. magazines are nice to have around. even if you never make anything in them. the first two i saw on Kathie's blog. and the last one well i just got yesterday. Beatrice, if you are reading this, the quilt you were asking about is in the first one. i don't like to use my posts to respond to no-reply-comments. but if i'm going to do it for Beatrice i might as well do it for Joan. so Joan, if you are reading this, in October you won a wavy wiper and i had no way of contacting you, so call me.McCall's Fast Quilts 8/2009. i made this from pg. 52. and was inspired to do this from pg. 28. and once again that quilt on pg. 28 has inspired me. funny how some patterns make scraps look so good.BH&G Sew Scrappy 2010. cover quilt. awesome. i wanna make it. bought the template. oooh look how small that template is. and yet i still wanna make it. going back and forth on fabrics.Quilt Magazine. 2/2011. cover quilt. equally awesome. could i possibly be thinking about Xmas in January. aren't you?


Wonky Girl said...

I like all the magazine patterns you are showing. Was thinking about trying the fan blocks myself. And you aren't the only one still working on Christmas fabrics, me too. And fall fabrics too. LOL Those are my fav's.

Tine said...

I love the blocks in that first picture, really cute!

Lynn said...

Ooh I like these patterns. Really like the Christmas one, you are ahead of the game on that! I had to stop buying magazines for a while. They were adding to my ufo pile too much.

Kathie said...

Have fun making these quilts, your going to be amazed at how fast that tumbler quilt goes together, the trick is just keep cutting out those tumblers every time you have fabric out if you want to make it scrappy
they add up quick! Its one of my favorite quilts I have made and I am actually cutting for another one as I want it queen size and a true charm quilt
good luck!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

oh my gosh you are doing such cute work. Love the magazine ideas. You're really something.