Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Past and Presents

block 1.
so this is happening again.
not that i did it. but.
Temecula Quilt Co. did this last year.
CORRECTION: could it really have been 3 years ago.
so if you hate mysteries.
"spoiler alert".
you can peek at the finished 2011 design.
or follow along the in progress 2014 design.
trust me. seeing the design won't spoil the fun.
2011 - 12 Days of Christmas.
2014 - Christmas Past (and Presents).

and i want to include here a version of presents.
up first is this very nice cotton ribbon.
insert "Italian" after "nice" and before "cotton".
the packaging is really pretty.
and since this may not be ideal for the intended project.
i will keep it wrapped as long as possible.
studio carta by angela liguori.

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