Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Past and Presents

block 5.
xmas-y red.
and xmas-y green.
2011 - 12 Days of Christmas.
2014 - Christmas Past (and Presents).

for presents a xmas movie.
people really love this one.
and actually like to watch it at xmas.
the t.v. people must have been saving it for December.
because it could not be found playing anywhere.
but a few months ago i saw at Savers and gave it to my sister.
so she could watch it anytime she wanted.
because she is one of those people.
now to gather with family and watch a xmas movie.
Bridget Jones' Diary.
Love Actually.
The Holiday.
White Christmas.
The Family Stone.


Kathy buteau said...

The Holiday is another great classic to add to the list

Stephanie said...

Each and every since since I was very young I watch White Christmas. My sister and I sing the "sisters" song when we watch it together. :o)