Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Past and Presents

block 3.
a bit tricky to photog.
decided on this odd angle.
avoiding the glare but revealing my Mom's lovely vintage wallpaper.
can you see my block?
2011 - 12 Days of Christmas.
2014 - Christmas Past (and Presents).

so for presents this wooden advent made &/or sold at Starbucks.
it's no secret that i love this darling coffee shop and all they do.
but i was looking for a break from running around and filling bags.
it's very nice and each tin filled with a chocolate biscuit.
including the one with a $5 giftcard. and it's reusable.
not sure if she loves it. probably not the advent's fault.
so a filled advent for my Mom. and time for me. two gifts in one.

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