Sunday, July 6, 2008

Scrappy Sunday

my plan to not use any fabric more than once is getting harder. need to keep checking the made up ones to see if i haven't already used it. sorta have a pile of ones i haven't used. but they keep getting mixed up with the ones i have used. i know i have enough variety. so i'm sticking to my plan. & it's helping me to organize the old stuff.

Block #6

my sister's friend from high school gave her this fabric when her parents sold their house and moved down to Florida. (i'll check the year they did that & insert later).

sometime after she gave to me. loved since the beginning. & very glad i still have them. from the smaller piece i was able to cut 34 3-1/2" squares. that's what's in the middle. the larger piece will be backing. maybe white sashing. maybe yellow posts. sounds good. my blocks are 9-1/2" square.

i have seen many of these scrappy quilts made up on other blogs. Melly & Me has a tutorial that i liked. my middle block is bigger. my pieces are thicker. since i'm using 50% fun prints i couldn't see making my pieces only 1/2" finished. & since my pieces were thicker i didn't see the need for a foundation fabric. but it's pretty much the same pattern. theirs is very pretty. mine is extremely scrappy. but i would love to try one using 1/2" finished strips.

i don't start with a 1-1/2" strip. just after determining which piece is long enough. i cut a clean edge. sew it to edge next in line. iron it over. then make a cut from sewn area that measures 1-1/4". when the next piece is attached it will be 1" thick.

i also love the ones made by Tree Fall. many of her beautiful pieces have a scrappy theme. but i love the really red center on one. and the really blue center on the other.

a erviha cor de rosa was inspired to make a scrappy quilt and then made this very clever doll quilt. i am inspired by her work. and it shows in my recent little project. another example of why although we all seem to be going thru the same motions. our projects are very much our own.

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