Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cute Cute Cute

now that's a post title i could use alot. yesterday i received the Tea Party Apron pattern purchased from Quilt Taffy. cute. oh so cute.

so i decided to make one for a giveaway. i'll be making the young girl size. using fabric bought on Quilt Taffy & still available on sale i might add. i'll be adding some vintage green rick rack i purchased at a thrift shop many years ago. i don't think i will be putting on the big bow. also included in this giveaway will be a package of vintage red rick rack that comes with matching thread. i know. fabulous. just leave comment on this post telling me your apron memory when you were a little girl. i guess you mommies/daddies can share your daughter/son apron memories if you have too.

here's one of my fav photos from a few years back. i always smile when i look at it. i remember that day like it was yesterday. little nieces love to wash dishes. big aunts just don't.

it'll take a couple of days to finish. i can hear my family laughing. haha back. so i'll pick a winner on Wednesday night. good luck.

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Michele P. said...

As an only child, I lived with my mom and grandparents growing up. Gram did most of the cooking and baking, mom was busy working and running errands to get by as a single mom. Gram had these wonderful peanut butter cookies she made, and my job was to take a fork and smush the dough on the outer edges before putting it in the oven. I can remember wearing her big apron with the pocket in the front-I loved that pocket because when my little hands got tired I could stick the fork in it for a rest. Gram is still with us at 90 years old, and she has passed on the recipe to me. While the apron is long gone now, I let my 6 year old wear one of mine. thanks for having this giveaway, it brought back some pleasant memories!