Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm Almost 9 So The Little Girl Apron Doesn't Fit Me

have you ever asked a little girl to model something cute for a picture & then tried to take it away from her. i have. not doing that again. so my big girl niece is modeling my giveaway apron for you.

........michele p......... is most definitely a winner.

her memory was the only comment received but one i very much enjoyed reading. go ahead & email your info so i can get this cutie out to you. the apron. not my niece. she's a keeper. you just can't have her.

a big thank you to everyone else who offline sent kind words of encouragement.


Anonymous said...

Now... I have a little great-niece who would adore this!!! (It might even fit my tiny 10 year old, who is still in a size 8!!!)

Michele P. said...

aw, thank you! So glad you liked my story, it brought back lots of memories. I've emailed you a few minutes ago with the info you needed. Again, thank you, and your niece is a real cutie!

Anonymous said...

she looks so cute my little cousin is adorable i love her

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - you didn't have a reply email - so I'll answer here - Ohhh - why didn't I think of a green pen? :-) I am sure I would have still made the bias - I love hand applique and the sameness of stitching over and over and over. I like hand embroidery, hand quilting, I guess I like the slow pace of it all. I truly admire those that can turn out a quilt in a few days/weeks, but I am slow like a tortoise. Handwork is my meditation - calms me down and allows my brain to slow a little. It is neat what we all get from quilting. I did see a darling quilt that had hand embroidered designs on it - and then the inside of the designs were colored in with crayons - now that looks like great fun.

I went to your blog - just love it - and especially that darling apron. I don't have any little girls - or little granddaughters - or little nieces, but I sure would like to make it for someone.