Thursday, June 5, 2008

Watcha Been Doin Lately

you pick up the phone & that's what you hear.
you say "nothing much" when the truth goes more like this:

if you quilt sometimes you never quite know where you are going.
i've had this red & white fabric for ages. it's so cute with cranes & flowers & fans on it. i spied two fat quarters and thought finally the red & white might get used. i don't know why i used the cream flower for the background. but i luv it. that's not always a good reason. it usually complicates the entire process.

you can make 12 of these geese from a fat quarter. i cut up 4 fat quarters so 48 flying geese done. i picked out 9 fat quarters. 5 fat quarters left equal 60 more to do. 9 x 12 = 108. the pattern calls for 110. if i picked out 1 more fat quarter i would have 120. every time you add another fat quarter you need less pieces per fabric. but you've already made 12. so you just pick the 10 or 11 you like the best. unless you don't care if it's even. stop thinking about that now. you used fat quarters so you don't have any extra. to make just two more. you'll figure it out. see how organized i am today. see that climbing pile. the pattern says to keep those to make an extra project. yikes there are so many. and so many more to add. i'm liking the thriftiness of saving to use so i am doing what i am told.

i thought this green would make a nice simple border. & the red & white would make an interesting inner panel.

not sure if the red & white works now. bet if i used the red & white as the background it would've looked great with the green. i wanted to. but i couldn't make up my mind. oh no. phoeey. you're going to end up on the back. so i went looking for a better match with the green. instead i found this great large print from Martha Negly with avocadoes on it. & a coordinate to the cream flower background which are both Moda Folklorique. looking good together. and my geese still pop. they have to. they are a lot of work.

the Negly border with the red & white inner panel works too. see.

wadda u think ? oh that's right. the phone. you can't see.
i'll show it to you tomorrow. gotta go ? me too. bye.

"nothing much" & "how about you" saves a lot of time.



Pam said...

you know i zero knowledge about quilting-however, just looking @ those fabrics . . . i'd say some golden yellow fabric for the border-no more red. the yellow @ border would soften up all the red fabrics - but, overall, love it ! !

Des said...

Oh Karen, I love these! I'm totally partial to the red&white on the inside and the martha fabric on the outside. But I like things a bit crazy sometimes. I love what your geese are looking like. Great selections. And you're SO obedient to keep all those 'extra' triangle squares. :)

Anonymous said...

I looks great. I love the fabrics and combination of color you have chosen. Of course, my favorite is the asian children fabric.