Monday, June 2, 2008

Taffy Jane Is Awesome

i haven't been posting much the past two weeks but i have been busy. three patterns are keeping the dust off my sewing machine. Knotty Baby. Pink Triangle Love. and Big Print Party. awesome names. and awesome patterns. i'm almost finished with Knotty Baby. i've been gathering fabrics for Pink Triangle Love. and i just bought Big Print Party because i knew it would be perfect for some fabrics i have been admiring on my table. check out these patterns at Taffy Jane's Etsy Shop. she's got it going on.

Knotty Baby i have been working on with a friend. she calls herself Messie Jessie. and we have been having fun with this one. i think Messie J wants to be just like Messy K. she's not fooling anyone by ending in "ie" instead of just "y". just kidding. we're not that much alike but we both have time to get together during the day to sew. i gave myself this name. for her the only girl with brothers she had no choice.

Pink Triangle Love for me is more like Red Pink Coral with splashes of Apple Green. a LQS in my area which i had not visited before is going out of business the end of June. of course i had to visit & of course i was amazed & of course i found many things i loved. but i found some sweet fat quarters that i couldn't stop thinking about. i was afraid of picking up any of the bolts because then i would just want the whole thing. i am very greedy. but it was a fantastic sale.

i was there with my sister picking out fabrics for her quilt. i know. i know. (said sarcastically just like Craig Ferguson). hell is about to freeze over. she picked some great fabrics. if you were there you would have heard me say so very many times "we're not going home without this". she just kept giving me the eye. like in the movie Juno - giving me the "stink-eye". i had to go back after our trip to get those fat quarters because i wasn't supposed to be buying anything for me that day.

Big Print Party was quite a surprise to find this weekend. i had some super fantastic prints that i was going to use with another pattern. but they are now going to be part of this pattern. it's quite possible that i will use this one again and again.

i'm calling my sister's quilt The Biggest Quilt I Will Ever Be Involved In. trust me. it's going to be big. i'll keep you updated. if she wants me to call it by another name - i'll consider it - but it's my blog after all.

no pics today - are you kidding - you are just going to have to come back.

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Des said...

Karen! Oh my gosh!! I can't wait to see all these quilts!! I just finished quilting the big print party today and as soon as my back recovers I'll bind and post. Also, those jeans are SO cool. I need to hear more about those and how you did that. SO fabulous! You're too kind to me. Thanks!