Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot Sunny Days

it was hot yesterday. 97 degrees hot. and it's still hot. did i tell you it's hot.

thank goodness when we made these dresses in April it was warm and beautiful. the girls each picked out the fabric they wanted. elastic already sewn on. buy by the inch. very specific on the v-shaped straps. the two oldest did all the sewing. the ironing was supervised by their Mom's. thank you.

we were all at their other Aunt's home while their brothers were at a graduation dinner. the boys are moving on to middle school next year.

the girls were busy playing together but i managed to get them to pose for a pic before they scattered away to play some more.


Pam said...

that you SO MUCH messy karen for posting up photos of these beautiful young ladies! It's wonderful to expose them to sewing, etc. - you'all did a fine job! Love to all - Aunti Pam

Anonymous said...

hi Auntie Karen love the pics of us they look so cute your the best
Love Nora And Gabbi