Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Stash Challenge

perhaps i have shown too much.

pattern calls for over 200 nine-patches pieced to a square.
this is what 50 looks like. i'm hoping to get at least 128.

anxious to get started i made as many as i could. using stash is very rewarding. but if i can't find more of this fabric (in my stash of course) i will have to make it smaller than the pattern calls for. the red & white could be 18 years old. the blue almost 8. except for the green which is only a few months old to me the fabric is very lightweight. new quilting fabric is dense & substantial. when finished this might feel more like a summer nightgown.


Anonymous said...

Hia just read your comment on my blog- my I had forgotten I'd made some of the things you listed. Absent minded with bulging cupboards. LOL

OOooo it does look like you have set yourself a real challenge. What about the centre panel being what you have done and then try something else for the outer repeats? I don't know- I'm still such a newbie.

The Triskel Hares were one of my favs- they are on the hall wall so I see them every day.

Thanks for your kind words,
Best Wishes,

Ulla said...

Your quilt looks great! It is a real challenge to make your stash do for what you are planning; you may need to make some creative decisions. Maybe adding borders?

CJ said...

ohhh, light like a summer nightgown. THAT sounds perfect! Lovely colors you have there. What do you mean you might have shown too much. Is it supposed to be held in secret until it is finished? You have done alot of squares! YEAH YOU!!!

Suzie said...

Your challenge quilt is looks good! I guess like I'm almost running out of fabrics for the one I planned!...As Ulla said, it is time for creativity!!!
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