Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Stash Challenge

yeah! the piecing is was quick & easy. but i don't feel guilty. no i don't. a big bag of rainy day stuff has been transformed into a usable quilt top. and isn't that cherry print fantastic. i found it in my stash. it's so old. how old is it. i really don't know. but it's perfect as backing for this summer quilt. i can't decide how to finish. it's small enough to quilt by hand. but i'll take some time before i make my next move.


Ulla said...

Well that was very quick! And the cherry print truly makes a perfect backing for a summer quilt.

eileen said...

I think all of these fabrics look like they are straight from the 1940's. Absolutely gorgeous! Driving me crazy that I can't just unfold it right now!

Anonymous said...

You've already finished piecing?! I'm still staring at my fabric pile....Your fabrics are gorgeous! x