Monday, July 28, 2008


no it's not my BD. this is my 50th post.

Melanie from Jelly Bean Angel has very nicely picked me for this award.Melanie always has such creative posts that inspire me to keep my days balanced & interesting.

she's also tagged me:
1. link to the person who “tagged” you.
2. post the rules on your blog.
3. write six random things about yourself.
4. tag six people at the end of your post.
5. let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. let the tagger know your entry is up.

hmmmm, six random things about myself:

1. if i run into you in the afternoon i always say good morning. it drives everyone crazy. it just comes out. while i'm trying to decide if it's appropriate to say good afternoon or good evening "good morning" just comes out first. but if it's the first time i have seen you that day it does seems more pleasant to say that.

2. i love going to the movies. being in the dark with that huge screen. no distractions. just me and the movie.

3. oh & i have to sit up front in the movies. on the right side usually 6 rows back 4 seats in. & i secretly get mad if i see someone in my seat.

4. if i read i have to do it in the morning. reading at night makes me sleep right away. i once fell asleep reading the same page for two weeks before i stopped reading at night.

5. i am jealous of anyone who can read a book in a weekend. it takes me at least 2 weeks to read a small book.

6. i secretly want to be a vegetarian.

now the part i hate. even more since most of my blogreads have already received this. so i'll just pick two. if you have the time. please do your thing.

Pamela on Pamela's Blog - she's new to blogging but is having fun making videos like this one

Ulla at Kotkarankki - for creative posts like this one


Anonymous said...

Hia Karen, my you've been busy! What a quilt show. I love the blue and white one but way way beyond me. The Englishy house one was so restful.

Congratulations on your 50th blog.

Love the colourful blocks.

Pam said...

OMG, thanks so much for the award! i'll have to get w/you re: adding links properly, lol! then read & pick some blogs . . . this may take me a while & will get me to read more blogs . . . and must give lots of thought to coming up w/6 things, hmmmmmmm . . .

Tine said...

That comment about falling a sleep at the same page every night made me LOL!! I did that too! My 1year-old son is definately a morning person, and he wakes up no later than 5 AM. So reading in bed is not an option for me these days :-)