Friday, July 4, 2008

Red, White & Blue

on purpose i was looking for a theme pic & asked the kids to pose with this fun beach towel.

then i said "auntie karen wants you to hold the towel really tight & the little one should get in front". a perfect shot but i got suntan lotion on the camera lense.

even when the kids are not your own you are very aware of them growing up.

especially when you watch them boogey out to the wooden dock so far away.

& when they're chillin.

the jetty. so natural. beautiful browns & sandy beiges.

my summer stash challenge. very colorful. all pinned & ready for me to work on.


Eileen said...

ooooo! I LOVE this quilt!
Now does this go on the machine to be quilted? I don't know much about machine quilting, so this is all fun for me to watch.

Lovely pictures of beautiful children at the beach. :-)

Messy Karen said...

did you see all those pins. i was just going to do long running stitches by hand. but i completed my investigation to find or make an inexpensive frame. i found one made from pvc pipe, a fan frame like Eileen's, a hoop attached to base handmade from MA, & one called vonda's. if i hand quilt one bigger than this i would like to put it in a frame. don't like doing my own machine quilting. it's very awkward getting it in & around a short-arm.

Des said...

What a good aunty you are!! I love those pictures and I got a good laugh over the suntan lotion on the lens. :) Double love the cute stash buster on the bottom. That is REALLY cute. Great colors. Man, you can produce like no one's business!!