Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some Of The Quilt Show Pics

there were so many quilts that i did not take pictures of. i hope you enjoy the ones that i did.

this one is on the cover of Positively Pineapple. i know this because i might take a class in September. i have the book & ruler in case they call me back.i could picture this in a happy kitchen. but definitely not on white walls.reminds me of living in England. what's not to luv.i did luv this scrappy one. & would love to make one. the full squares around the outside in the same dark print really frame it nicely.i would luv to own this one. hmmmm. without doing all the work.this was truly beautiful in person. those are big orange beads or buttons on the big yellow fish.this should not discourage anyone from entering a blue & white challenge. except perhaps me.i luv the soft colors & prints of batik used in this one.a nice way to frame a sweet collection of illustrations.she was so cute. and so is her quilt.her brother also had a road panel quilt that his grandma had made. he told me that he picked out the fabrics & his grandma made it.

i have more. & will post them another day.

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CJ said...

ohhhh more quilt show pictures!! LOVE that red pineapple quilt! WOW!
I just realized today that I MISSED out on a local quilt show on Saturday. WAHHHHHHHHH!! There are so few around here.Phooey.