Friday, January 30, 2009

Ay It Orward

what's missing.
of course it's the letter P and the letter F.
i'm looking for two more bloggers to sign up.
if you're interested go here and leave a comment.

how about a guessing game.
any ideas what this is?i'll give you two hints:
it was handmade by me as a gift!!!
it was made early 1970's!!!
if you think you know.
leave me a comment.
don't hurt my feelings.
i was really young.

guesses so far include:

NO to pillow, pajama bag, not a doll although meant to look like R-Ann, not a halloween costume although i did make one for a party once, one of many scary dolls, a scarecrow who said that, and not a diaper stacker although i made so many of those in the early 1980's.

YES to out of clothing, for a relative.


Shari said...

Handmade by you in the early 70's as a gift - and you still have it? Probably meant for a relative then. Hmmmmm.... a doll for a sibling? or a Halloween costume? a scarecrow? Whatever she was meant for she sure had a big smile!

Des said...

I'm thinking it had a pocket in the back and you put your jammies in it every morning to keep them safe from any other scary dolls in the room. :D

GARI said...

It looks like it was meant to be Raggy Anne. (?)

Eileen said...

Oh darn.. I see Des already said my guess. It's a pajama bag of course!
Very cute..I love it.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a Raggedy Annie doll.
Am I correct?

Sandy said...

Could she be a diaper stacker? I seem to recall those were pretty poplular back in the early 70's.