Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tea Pics

these are a few of my tea tools.my collection of Emma Bridgewater polka dot pieces. a sample baby mug. a dolly tea plate. a wall tile. a medium bowl. all from ebay. my mixture of teaspoons. an old teatowel. an amazing sweetener in agave nectar. my friend January the goldfish who is now one year old. i must remember to buy fish food today. he's been on a once a day feeding schedule for the past week and today we're out. almost everyone i know is getting sick. so i must recommend the tea i drink every winter. Gypsy Cold Care from Traditional Medicinals.

why the all-of-a-sudden interest in tea. well i'm in the Time For Tea Swap hosted by Stephanie of Loft Creations. this is my first swap. & Stephanie has gathered some tea related sewing links here. so even if you're not part of the swap. you can still sew some fun.

yesterday i recommended to a friend that if she wanted to make a valentine quilt. to pick valentine fabrics and participate in The Great Summer Holiday Mystery. today i'm going to recommend to make a tea quilt you just pick tea fabrics. i've already picked my fabrics. but i (of course) am tempted to start another one. it promises to be simple and for beginners. so it's not too late to start.

did anyone notice the coffee filters in the teabag bowl?


Tine said...

What a lovely collection of polka dot pieces! Mmmmm....now I want tea!

Stephanie said...

I'm catching up on visiting blogs for the tea swap. Love all of your polka dot goodness!!!

Anonymous said...

Not until you said- coffee filters.

Love those dots! I'm up for the swap too and made a start today. I have a teabag collection if the state of the cupboard is anything to go by. I wonder if that qualifies as a stash?