Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Two Three Four

in no particular order.

quilt top for sampler class.
bottom pieced border needs to be attached.birthday 2009 shorts for nephews.
2 down 2 to go.
three each were started for birthday 2008 and one each was made and given in 2008.knitted sweater started for niece for 2007 xmas.
clearly it's almost done. what's my problem. i hope it still fits.remainder of 2008 xmas quilts.
can't say how many are left to finish.
they've all been tied. just need bindings.
clearly it's more than five.i tend to juggle about four projects at the same time. hoping that one of them will get done. before the magnet pulls me in another direction. it's pretty simple what they would be. presents. deadlines. a really old project that just must get done. or an almost finished random project that i can finish quickly because i am about to replace it with a new project.

none of these will be on my 1234 next month. i promise.


quiltingnana said...

you are so clever to be able to juggle more than one project... I can only focus on one at a time

Blakely said...

I love the colors of your nieces sweater.

Shari said...

You're organised to have them available to photograph. I'd have to pull mine out from a half a dozen spots at least. Now that I'm back at work I've not quite managed to fit as much sewing in as I wanted... my UFO list might grow a little.

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting them finished. The pyjama bottoms are perfect for boys. :-)