Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sew Sweet

don't you just love anything Valentine. well Jessica couldn't wait any longer. a strip quilt was what she wanted.she picked out some great new prints. then mixed with a few of my oldies. wow. she's happy now. i'd like to make one too. but my must-get-done list needs some attention.i love it.

i was going to wait a little longer. but it's time to announce that i signed up for PIF on Shari's blog, Mumsyblossom's World.i'm quite excited about this. i luv to make things. & it's so much fun to make things for other people. so i invite you to participate in this with me. i need 3 people. so if you would like to join me in this. please leave a comment on this post saying you want to be one of the three. other comments are welcome.

the rules for Pay it Forward are like this:

*three people will be chosen to participate with me when they leave a comment on this post asking to join.

*because i have signed up on Shari's blog. Shari will send a handmade item made by her to me-me-me. & also to the other two people who have signed up with her. that's three.

*then i will send a handmade item made by me to the three people who sign up with me.

*i will have a time frame of 12 months to do this.

*if you sign up then you agree to post a similar announcement on your blog inviting three more people to join you.

*& you will send a handmade item made by you to each of the three people who sign up with you. and so on.

*once you have three people. you will have a time frame of 12 months to send those three people a handmade item made by you.

*international o.k. with me.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The strip quilt is darling. Love red and white - my favorites.

Rebecca said...

oh, can i be your first PIF signer upper? please? and thank you very much. and so then do i wait for you to accept me before i make a similar post on my blog?

Shari said...

What a great strip quilt! Very Valentine's Day... Hope you have fun with the PIF!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful romantic quilt top!

Your PIF is such a lovely idea. Unfortunately I am limiting what I commit to at the mo- not even cut the black and white quilt due to the BOMs. I don't want to get a nervous tic this side of July. :-) Good luck and well done for being so generous.