Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's Not That Easy Being A Star

enjoying my hibernation a bit too much. & a touch of blogger's block. so here's a video of my niece Nora with her friend Olivia. i made them do about six takes. my direction may have interfered with their improvisation. this gift is from my Mom's sister, Aunt Karlene, who makes these yummy bags for every one every year.

in the middle of MY shoot. there came a call for sledding. priorities were tested. i don't like being outside when it is cold. & i haven't gone down myself in a long time. (my sister is standing behing Gabbi & Nora on round sled being pushed by Giovanni. Olivia standing. Jessica is pushing Giulia on small sled.)

but call me on a sunny day. it sure looks like fun. if i don't pass out from fright on the way down. i just might not be able to climb back up. even a 9 year old has to stop and rest between runs.Pamela Joy eventually had to leave and go back home. so i scrambled to document.she brought me one of my vintage sewing surprises in her luggage. Pam and my sister and i had fun on Xmas Eve looking at it. it was a shock seeing it in person after all these years. i will share pics with you later. Pam brought Miss Roxy with her. Miss Roxy had her own luggage with enough outfits for each day. and brought Princess a new sweater. Champ would like me to stop talking about such things.this was the best i could do to get all three together.


Des said...

FABULOUS!! love the background High School Musical! CUTE girls!! I think they should start their own blog and video auntie Karen!! Although I did appreciate the photo we got of you. Very good of you to share!

i know all about bloggers block. i'm feelin' it.

Anonymous said...

LOL sweet dogs! Well done for getting out and having a go. Nora is so sweet.

Pamela Joy said...

so happy you see you've appeared on your own blog & i'm glad i shared it w/you . . . as well as the time together in CT, however, never enough to go around. the video of the girls w/Karlene's bag is my fav - i must confess that my cookie cutter w/fudge . . well it's already w/o fudge . . yummy stuff! i'm not having bloggers block i'm still viewing footage/photos to come up w/idea to put something together - but what i will say is that i've got some GREAT snow footage & well you'all will see soon . . . LOL :O) love and miss ya, aunti pam