Friday, September 26, 2008

The Influence Of Red

i was daydreaming the other day about a ride to the beach. & was overwhelmed at the response to such a whim. i didn't go. but that would have been the day. a storm is looming nearby and we will have much rain for most of a week. only Monday looks clear. now what do you do on a rainy day.

garnet sweet potatoes. red lentils. red onions. a few of my fav ingredients. so when i saw this simple recipe i knew i had to make soup.celery and salt are my substitutions for stock cube. most cubes have too much salt for me. if you make soup you have to have a stick blender. i highly recommend this Cuisinart one. it's made of stainless steel. & comes apart for easy cleaning. no need to drag cord over to sink for cleaning. if i reheat soup i will add ricemilk instead of water.

the view from my window. i live on the third floor. this tree is beautiful. & changes every season. i forgot it has berries. it brings the birds. & they sing to me all year long.i've been thinking about an old red project i was excited about years ago but abandoned. i made this simple runner. always left it near a sunny window. so now it looks like an antique. old. & faded. then i bought all these red fabrics to make a similar runner. to honor a local CT artist. i can't find that cd cover with the beautiful pic of Kate Callahan. but i was annoyed that i could not copy cd cover onto fabric paper so that it measured exactly 6". it kept reducing it 98%. perhaps the new printers we have won't do that. you can listen to her on her myspace page here. those 3 selections are not on her 2 albums. The Influence Of Red. The Greatest Of Ease. check them out on iTunes. you won't be disappointed.i will leave you with another local CT artist. Chuck E. Costa. you can listen to him on his myspace page here. he has a few albums. his selection "when the city comes" even made it onto a Starbucks compilation. but find & listen to "peace is war". hope he figures out this blog stuff. but untill then his rendition of "little boxes" should make us all feel better about our scrappy cottages.

my soup is delicious. and it's still raining. & here's a look at my little boxes.i didn't think i would use ric-rac. but know i don't know how i couldn't. should i redo those windows and sew on that mini red ric-rac. it would be so much cuter.


Pamela Joy said...

one vote for using rick rack :O)

Eileen said...

Did you just hear me shout? People are going to think I copied you.. but that's ok. I am honored that our minds are thinking alike! Your blocks are looking terrific.
And hey.. have you been digging in my ric-rac box??? Amazing.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Ok what could be better than soup in the fall?

Karen, your houses are so cute! They have texture and life. I really like them so much. I'm so excited seeing everyone's designs. Yours are just lovely. I love the warmth. And rick rack rules!

Anonymous said...

Hia Karen, the houses are looking so sweet. I WILL make one or so I even have the instructions printed out! LOL I'm standing over a cauldron at mo and hand sewing in between.

Snap- we have the same variety of sweet potato! Reds and russets are so perfect this time of year. Good luck with the cd cover.

quiltingnana said...

use the rick rack...I was thinking of doing the same!

Anonymous said...

Hia Karen,
yes the photos were all mine of the roses I took this year. I picked out the 8 best for the placemats. The roses I grow are the old smelly sort. :-) Thanks for your kind comments. I've had a few emails bounced so I'm replying here.
How are you doing with our quilt?

belinda said...

hey...go ahead and rip some out....what's a good project without a little ripping out!!