Sunday, September 21, 2008

Old Puppy Finds A Home

while having my morning coffee. while stitching letters for my current project. while browsing blogs. i found this post from Brown Dirt Cottage with very familiar fabric. it's old. it's cute. i've been keeping it in the back room on top of a pile. so i see it everytime i go in there. so i go get it. to take another look at it. then lay it on top of my little project. which i cannot move until i get further on it. & it matches. oh no. it matches.


Anonymous said...

Hia Karen, my internet's back maybe someone was digging somewhere?

Ooo sounds like you might just have to do somethng about that cute pup!

quilterpolly said...

the color all works great...I just got my e-mail and we are in the same group for the block exchange and can't wait:)

DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

The colors are fantastic together. I'm in the same Christmas block exchange as you. I am so excited. Should be so much fun.

belinda said...

oh my...oh my.......when you left the comment on my blog about the puppy fabric i guess i thought you were talking about some other fabric you had that matched some of the fabric surrounding my puppy....I DIDN'T KNOW you had the actual same fabric....that fabric i know is at least 60+ years...WOW..i'm amazed......get your rhinestones out!!!