Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yummy Secrets

my new guilty pleasure is an embroidery store visit just to find the perfect Perle coton color for a project. they have everything you would need if you stitch. & my fav threads are kept in these great wooden cabinets. i would bet there are stitchers in CT that know not of this secret thread hideaway.& if you make regular visits to a great store. you will eventually get sucked in. even if to only say yes i'm working on something too. endless repeats on t.v. let's watch an old movie again. Pride & Prejudice. the black & white one. you can watch original trailer here. how could you possibly watch one of these movies where everyone has gathered in a sitting room. without imagining yourself sitting amongst them. working on your own stitchery. i've never heard anyone ask what they're working on. so i can't imagine why you would ask me.Melanie and i are working on a little project together. it's secret because we are both using the same pattern & fabric but have no clue as to how we will be using them. Melanie revealed a bit for me here. shhhh! here's my response.if that's not yummy enough for you. to energize the spirit of our project. i baked Melanie's recipe for Grasmere Gingerbread. it has a long history with many variations. so i made some cream of tartar. maybe baking powder. no mixed peel. use sugared ginger. & oh no. my quest to experiment with different flours. buckwheat is gluten free. & i've never tried it before. probably no match for the original. but a very very sweet treat for coffee time.


Anonymous said...

Hia Karen, I'm just in from a walk along the canal. It's been a glorious morning of sunshine. Some rotter beat me to the blackthorn though. :-(
Ooo we're using the same perle colour. LOL Love the cabinets at your shop.

As for TV I am an unofficial part of Cabot Cove's sewing circle. Well I must be with the number of Murder She Wrote re-runs I'm watching. :-)

Glad you liked the Grasmere Gingerbread. I'm like that with recipes. Last night was meant to be a carbonara but we ran out of cheese so it turned into a basil and tomato fridge emptier.

Dionne said...

I can't wait until the secrets are revealed! Will be checking back periodically!

Keep Quiltin'