Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Walk The Dog(s)

walks were so simple when it was only me and Champ.

next time we're leaving Princess home.

she doesn't really need the exercise as much as we do.

if i visit my niece & nephews house and i feel like a walk. then they are very happy to come with me.


Pamela Joy said...

LOL, i know what ya mean - good thing we have big fenced back yard as when ya have 5 - who do you decide to walk - you can't - so ya don't . . . but they gets lots of exercise chasing each other around the back yard! plus, mommy would rather swim than walk anyday . . especially w/the heat down here!

Anonymous said...

Hia Karen, oh yup know that feeling especially when there's a hunk of a dog walking past and 2 of the girls are tarts! Luckily they don't pull like huskies.