Monday, September 8, 2008

Mom and Son

this was a fav pic that came from my camera.the ceremony was held outside under canopy on the patio. a huge Praying Mantis on the ceiling. two guitar players strumming in the back. sunflowers tied with raffia & carried. the weather was warm & sunny. the day before there was much rain from the storm.inside the reception was perfect. the windows. the chandeliers. the dance floor. the view. the outdoor tables for escaping. there were many photographers. & i expect the professional pics are going to be awesome. there was a slideshow which included many shots when they were young. we know that the Groom and his Sister were adorable children. unexpectedly we watched as the sweetest pics we had never seen of the Bride were intertwined with the familiar ones we still cherish of the Groom. the entrance of the bridal party was mischevious & energetic. as soon as the beautiful Bride sat down. she enjoyed a huge slice of pizza. (apologies to pamelajoy. not an ideal pic of B&G. but it was the view from my seat.) (click on photo as smart Bride smiles pretty as she moves pizza out of the way.)the Groom lovingly placed frosting on the Bride's nose.she lovingly smashed back a large handful all over his face. (apologies again. i saw the smashed face. it was so cool. unfortunately my camera missed it.)these beautiful creatures belong to my Sis and Messie Jessie. the candy bar was unveiled. a mad dash as if sugar never seen was more exciting than Halloween.


Pamela Joy said...

did you say "pizza" - i'm hungry & LOVE pizza back home SO MUCH, lol! great job . . . thank you SO MUCH - what a fun & beautiful reception. i'm glad the weather cleared for for you'all!

Tine said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks like a wonderful weddingparty :-)
And.....look at that huge tower of candy!!!! YUM!

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun! never heard of a candy bar but to be honest my antenna went up when you said pizza. Love the stuff! The bride and groom look so happy!

THE dress looks great! Well done.

Blakely said...

Wow! a candy bar that looks wonderful. We had a chocolate fountain, but I think this tops it.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's definitely Bubba's girlfriend. (Note of clarification for everyone else: I'm talking about the bug!)

I love the candy bar!