Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh Yes Baby

i started mending my Knotty Baby with a beautiful paisley print. i think i'm going to go crazy & mend to my heart's content. this didn't boost my confidence for not washing fabrics before sewing. but to be fair that white fabric was more delicate than most & strings were falling off the whole time i was working on it. i should have seen it coming.& i won a book giveaway from Softdrink of Fizzy Thoughts. hip-hip-HURRAY. i hope this will boost my reading break. for now it's on top of a pile of some books i have started but not finished but still really want to finish. i will get to my "new" book as soon as i finish an old but quick read called The Pilot's Wife. which i probably won't pick up again until i finish mending those bad spots on my quilt.Softdrink has posted about another book giveaway which can be found on Peeking Between The Pages. the book is called Broken and it sounds like an interesting read. if you're looking for your next book. or some funny stories from those that read every day. you should check them out. this is Softdrink. and this is Dar.


Anonymous said...

Well done Karen- looks like an interesting book. I'm reading the Belgariad series by David Eddings and have started on the Elm Creek series. Both are good.

Well done for repairing your quilt. The mending pile in this house gets tackled every now and then- mainly son somehow ripping the bottom of his trousers. LOL

Des said...

ugh! I'm so bummed about that fabric. I'm made a several of the knotty babies and i've never had that problem. I'm soooo sorry. I HATE fixing quilts once I'm mentally 'through' with them. ;) I enjoyed the Pilot's Wife.