Saturday, August 16, 2008

Be Attitudes

i thought i would share progress on my Be Attitudes class. at first glance i thought it was a little Sunday school-ish. but it tugged at me every time i went to the store. & then i just had to sign up. i was allowed to come in the middle instead of waiting for a new session. truly a Be Attitude gesture. there is another book with more complicated blocks. & they have a Xmas book. i have an idea of what to do with the lettering i saw in the Xmas book. but i'm jumping ahead. i have more to's a peak at my Be Warm block. my Be Honest block. & the fabrics i'm starting with for my Be Prayerful block. might change this to Be Peaceful. don't ask. i had not started my embroidery until the end of today's class. it was just a practice piece. & this is what i was afraid of. i could get very addicted to this. luv it so much it's going to end up in a little project. tomorrow i'm going to pick up new box of zippies. this project is going to need organization.

this is for Messie Jessie. we should do this on your Tinkerbell quilts. add the girl's names. pink for D#1. purple for D#2. & then go ahead & hand quilt it. what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hia Karen, sorry been afk. Your project looks so interesting. I am doing a weekly class too with the stitcheries. At the moment I still have 2 to do for Friday and I know I'm going to be out all Thursday. I may have to lose sleep to keep up. How are you managing? Are you able to do the ones you missed quite quickly?
They look very interesting.

Have a great week,
Hugs Melanie

Annemariesquilt said...

Love to see more of your new project...I will be back!

CJ said...

I keep looking at that book for the Be Attitudes quilt. I haven't appliqued anything in about 18 years and then it was just a teeny wall hanging for my baby daughter's room. I would machine applique I am sure. Show more of your quilt! Are there various sayings from those listed on the cover quilt??? What is the dollar bill in the picture for??