Friday, August 15, 2008

Please Try On Dress With New Sleeve!

i left Bruno's house this morning with this note attached to the fridge.yesterday i cut into the beautiful fabric. today i made a new sleeve. (crossing fingers that we're getting close). Sunday i will be sewing in an invisible zipper. it's easier for me to break down these activities. i don't possess any magical powers in dressmaking. or in fitting a garment that lays close to the body. just one step at a time. & try not to panic.

i didn't "show" at my Thimbleberries Club meeting. ya didn't think i was going to finish in time. did ya? i have finished all the short rows going across the quilt. & all the diagonal rows going thru the big blocks. but i still need to finish all the long rows going down the quilt. it should be finished soon as i will be running thru areas that have already been quilted. it's not very big. 45" x 60". if you're familiar with a Bento Box. i did 3 large blocks across & 4 large blocks down. so it's bigger than a wall. but smaller than a lap.


eileen said...

Karen, your quilting is looking really wonderful here! Love it that you are using the crochet cotton. :-)

Anonymous said...

Morning Karen what lovely hand stitching you have. I'll email you a pic of a sleeve pattern shape I think you're trying to create- it might help just to visualise on the flat.

Can you tell I'm the sort of person who thinks for yonks, measures oodles and then finally cuts. I still get nervous with a rotary cutter thiking that if I go wrong that's a lot of fabric potentially wasted.

Lovely fabrics you used.