Friday, August 1, 2008

Movies Revisited

some have asked how do i have so much time to work on so many quilts. well. not answering that question. but i used to go to the movies once or twice a week. i remember seeing Juno in January. (& oh yeah i did catch up on the Oscar nominees before the Oscar show aired. i do that every year. mostly i have just seen them all.) but the others i just can't remember. & after that i don't remember seeing very much.

then i just stopped going. why. because they were not sprinkling in my favorite kind of movies. until today. i had to break my movie strike. for....

Bridehead Revisited.

haaaahh. it was good.

where else can you hear someone being polite & utterly mean in the same sentence. in a good old-English-speaking-some-time-way-in-the-past movie. i hope another one comes along soon. i miss you very much.

Matthew Goode was not too bad either.

he played the cute guy on the Vespa in Chasing Liberty. (don't care it got bad reviews. i saw on t.v.).

& he played the other good looking guy in Match Point.

Wendy and Lucy, Jonas Brothers 3D, Coraline, Slumdog Millionaire, Doubt

Marley & Me(not my idea), Quantum of Solace, Happy-Go-Lucky, The Duchess, Beverly Hills Chihaua(definitely not my idea), Frozen River, Brideshead Revisited, The Kite Runner, The Diving Bell,
Eastern Promises (on t.v. but needed to see before Academy Awards), No Country For Old Men, Juno
Cache, Thank You For Not Smoking, Water, A Scanner Darkly, The Queen, Akeelah And The Bee, The Break-Up, The Illusionist, Scoop, Friends With Money,
Upside Of Anger,


Mystic River,


Solomon and Son,


Des said...

have i been under a rock? never heard of brideshead revisted but it looks FABULOUS!! I love that kind of stuff. Actually, the name sounds familiar. is it a remake? i still need a post telling us how you have time to get so MUCH done!!! you're a quilting machine.

Messy Karen said...

remake. miniseries. PBS. Jeremy Irons.