Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just A Few Ingredients

2 - but first there are engagement presents.3 - it always has a theme.4 - you pick a dress.5 - the flowers.6 - and the cake.7 - continue by picking 1 flower girl.8 - add 1 junior bridesmaid.9 - add 1 more junior bridesmaid and 1 bridesmaid.10 - mix well and gently fold in 2 still fairly young main ingredients.BEST WISHES TO STACI & FRANK AS THEY SOON BECOME MR. & MRS.

1 - made for Mom-O-Groom. will be professionally pressed.
2 - engagement quilt (started 6/07, pinned 7/07, not finished for party 8/07, finished for Thanksgiving 11/07). pinning helpers include Linda Belinda(my sis), Anna Banana(Groom's mom), Messy Karen(me) and Norababora(my niece). we all have bad-sweaty-summer-hair day. some of them did alot of complaining & some of them took alot of breaks. pic reflects only happiness that helping is over.
3 - Bride likes sunflowers. and paisley's. this girl has good taste.
4 - toilet paper contest. we won. no we didn't. the Bride elected all winners. no fair. we were robbed.
5 - Bride's sister making shower bouquet. ?--bridesmaid--?
6 - shower cake made with love by Messie Jessie.
7 - Messie Jessie's DD#2.
8 - Nora and Messie Jessie's DD#2.
9 - Nora and Groom's sister and Messie Jessie's DD#1.
10 - date of pic unknown. courtesy of Groom's sister.

p.s. - alterations are insane and invisible zippers are awesome.


Tine said...

Looks like so much fun! The dress is beautiful! And so is the quilt :-)

djkirk75 said...

Wish I could sew a zipper that well! Dress is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Well done for managing to get your family roped in topin. The hounds here offer to sit on the fabric here but that's about it! LOL

Beautiful job (-is it slub silk?) on the dress?