Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rest Of The Quilt Show Pics

i don't know how this guy didn't win.well the winner is pretty good.use up your scraps.a sunny combination of colors.beautiful.a cozy bedroom quilt.didn't know this pattern would work with a rainbow of colors.i call this one the busy quilter's log cabin. it works.insert your own memories.Halloween is coming.a scrappy stashbuster.check out the guitar interesting use of cross stitching.i really did like this one.


Anonymous said...

Hia Karen, my eye candy overload! I loved the last one in Christmassy colours. Here in the UK we've had more rain so unless the weather pulls it's socks up, Summer may have been cancelled so I'm fully entitled to be making Autumn and Christmas things. How on earth do you quilt a guitar motif? Is it one of those programable long arm machines? (Please dear Santa I'll even make a huge Christmas stocking)

Love the edging on the 4th quilt from the bottom. I'd not thought of doing something like that as I'd been going for strength using long lengths.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Pam said...

i LOVE the quilt that you referred to as one to "insert your own memories" - all sizes, different fabrics . . . love it!

CJ said...

What lovely quilts. I just love to see what others come up with, color combinations and such. Mmmmmmm.

Des said...

Nice show. i"m thinking YOU could probably put on your OWN quilt show. Let's see it!! :)

Corrie said...

Love the one with all the little "postage" stamp squares. I went to a quilt show too this weekend. Inspiring.

Movies (your previous post) -- my girlfriends & I laughed a lot during Mamma Mia. Loved the music. Have you seen it?