Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bruno's House

i'm so anxious to finish this quilt soon that i dragged it along when i visited Bruno's House. & since he was missing his Mommy so much he just made himself as comfortable as he needed to.he was a little confused when i made him get up. but i had to turn the thing around to work in the opposite direction.& even though when i turned it around he only had a small space available to rest on. he just cozy-ied up real close. after all it was still plenty big enough for him.


Pamela Joy said...

Bruno - i love him . . . give him a big kiss for me next time you see him . . . are ya dog sitting? he is a great dog model - his mommy need to get him an agent!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet lad. My 3 are the same when I lay any work on the floor. LOL