Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Show & Tell

a lovely surprise came in the mail today. a thank you card from Melanie of Jelly Bean Angel. & two fragrant lavender pillows. beautiful & handmade by Melanie herself. she even grows & dries her own lavender. i could get used to this. they smell so so good.even though i have sewn on half the binding. i haven't finished my Bento Box yet. i'm all over the place with the hand quilting. & don't know if i'm half done. or three-quarters done. but we have Show & Tell at tomorrow night's Thimbleberries Club. our email for this week said "if you don't show you'll have to tell". i would rather show. wouldn't you?

the Summer quilt would be a regular show. but the Bento quilt was on my UFO list submitted earlier this year. oh the pressure & work required to accomplish goals. will i be showing. or will i be telling.

while we're on the subject. here's a thank you card i received from micaela6955. her daughter was thrilled with the Tea Party Apron she won.& what day is it today. how come i still haven't RSVP'd for that Wedding. it had to be mailed by August what. une faux pas.


Jane's Blog said...

I love your blog and I am going to add you to my favorites, maybe you might like to add mine. Have a nice night, Jane

eileen said...

Mmmm I LOVE Melanie's Lavendar sachets. I wish everyone in blogland could have one.. they smell heavenly. Your gift to her was very nice.. you deserve one.

Looking forward to pictures from Thimbleberries if you can show them.

Anonymous said...

Hia Karen, glad the first parcel arrived safely. I hope you'll like the 2nd.

I have some of the Thimbleberry books- would love to know more.