Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Want To Just Give It Away

i'm going to do something that has been on my mind for quite awhile now. if i had quilters in my family i would offer it to them. but i don't. i have you. every Saturday morning for about six weeks i will post some pics of really nice fabrics in my stash. although i really love them i just need to find a better home for them. all you need to know before you check back is that they will more than likely all be prelaundered. i am a fanatic about this. everything i take home goes straight into the washing machine. i used to be a Tide with Bleach washer. but for my recent purchases. i put a tiny bit of Mrs. Meyers into a short wash. i can't tell them apart anymore. this is truly a selfish act. i am drowning in all my frivolous purchases over many years. & i sincerely want to finish some wonderful quilts before i kick the bucket. to finish some i have started. & to finish some i have not started.

if all goes well i might have to change by blogname from Messy Karen to........ just kidding. no matter how cleared up i get i will always be a little messy.


CJ said...

What a great idea Karen! I am not to that point yet in my own life though. Parting with fabric??? :0

Anonymous said...

Oer Karen! This sounds like a drastic measure. Why not just a re-arrange? That one works for me- just seeing a fabric against a different one really helps me to use it.

Ok if you're totally sure. Thank you for your generosity to the blogging community you wonderfully nice woman.

eileen said...

uh-huh.. ya. I'm looking for that "just kidding" blog to come along any time now!!