Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ugly Duckling

my 1st fitting for the Mom-O-Groom dress went well. i forgot to take a pic of that fitting but i was very happy. inside i was jumping for joy. no major fitting issues. i had found some of my ugliest fabrics & made a muslin pretend dress.this is what i took to my 2nd fitting. it can be just as much work as the real dress. but i just can't cut into the fabric until i have worked out the kinks.

here is the major kink that i knew about when i said yes. the sleeves on the pattern needed to be changed. they were too short. too tight. & too puffy. the 1st sleeve was as per pattern. the 2nd was just longer. this is my 3rd sleeve.i needed to make it a bit longer (i said). i shouldn't have made it that wide (i said). & can we just get rid of the puffs (she said). o.k. i've got some work to do.

say abracadabra. & poof. the puffs are gone. if only it was that easy.

gotta go now. the Big Wedding is just around the corner.

this is for pamela joy - my fav pic of the Little Groom-2-B.


Pamela Joy said...

i'm lost . . . who is getting married or is this a sewing challenge things or somthin ? ? help ! !

Pamela Joy said...

he's a cutie . . . but i'm still lost . . .help me some more, PLEASE!

Annemariesquilt said...

Good luck with the wedding and the dress. And thank you for visiting my blogg with such nice words!!

Anonymous said...

too cute he was. The dress looks like it may consume quite a bit of time, have u heard 3 little princesses might need a little mouse time as well?

Messy Karen said...

is that you Messie Jessie? yes i did hear about the 3 little princesses requiring some needle & thread work. gosh darn it. doesn't anyone else in the family know how to sew. MK to the rescue.