Tuesday, August 26, 2008


today's post on Quilt Taffy made me laugh. i have a laptop. but after many long conversations with my service provider. in which it was clear i had no idea how this computer stuff worked. i pulled the plug on that modem. & just started plugging everything else in.been itching to start a new project. so you know what that means. better look around & find something you can finish. that's a rule. start one. start a few more. but something old has to get finished. so i did. on top of my computer is Knotty Baby i made before summer started. i always wash my fabric. but this has raw edges & should be washed after to get the right look. & that pile next to my computer is new fabric that i haven't touched because i need to finish a few more things. & i haven't wash that yet. it's all from the same fabric line. so i should relax. but it is driving me crazy that it is not washed yet.

found nephew yesterday waiting with a friend. they wanted to ride bikes to H.S. to watch older brother at football practice. but were waiting for little sister to come home from school first. since when has she been taking the bus. so i said yes. go. go. well first day of school. new bus run. it was hard not to be worried. outside with my camera waiting to take that photo of her stepping off the bus. that's me and Champ. the family dog. we were bored waiting for over an hour. found out the buses left really late. and then. she finally arrived. how come that bus isn't yellow. it wasn't yellow. so it wasn't the picture i was waiting for. ----for a better picture in a window see this one by Ming).a few years back i made these pillows for my Mom's birthday. i love to take pics of the kids. these were a collage of pre-digital photos & just copied onto fabric paper.i was reading some new blogs yesterday & found a cute pillow with photos on it that i liked. and they also made a cute album. i think it's time to make another pillow with new pictures.


CJ said...

Unfold that Knotty Baby and show it off girl! Is it a raggy quilt and it is going to fray the edges in the wash??? Love the colors.
I see that Allspice Tapestry on the side. Mmmmmmmmmmm. I have a little piece of one print and then two jelly rolls of it for the Jelly Roll quilt pattern from Quilt Taffy. I have started the NO PRE WASHING method. We shall see how I like that look when all is said and done.

CJ said...

and WHAT THE HECK?? The bus was not yellow? What, pray tell, color was it??? Is nothing sacred anymore?

Anonymous said...

Hia Karen, son got a kit where he could print a photo onto paper and then iron it onto a t shirt. It was the first time we'd tried that. Good fun!

Ooo knotty baby quilt? Sounds interesting.

Tine said...

I love these!!! Do they wash okay?! What brand paper/fabric did you use? My sweetie is going abroad for a month (.....*sigh*.....) in the spring, and I so want to make him something like this to bring. And one for each of our kids with his picture on it :-) Oh I am missing him already, can you tell?! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I am in on doing the photo pillows! I cant beleive I had never seen the ones u made for your mom, I love them and I think the photograher has alot to do with it. another talent.
love ya,
messie jessie