Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scrappy Sunday

Block #12
looking for Saturday giveaways has been helped me find stash treasures in need of gathering. always wanted to make an all-paisley-quilt. check out the old gems i uncovered this week. of course there are new ones hiding somewhere. the green on the right is a long dress not cotton but loaded with yardage.i'm looking for a pattern that will best show them off. two free patterns stand out. Garden Wall by Anna Maria Horner. and Simple Charm Quilt by Quilt Taffy. should i also buy some Garden Party fabric & Quilt Taffy charms. absolutely. hmmm. when. when. when.


Anonymous said...

Hia Karen, I liked the scalloped edge effect in the Garden Quilt made by the fabric itself.

How are your "be attitudes" coming along?

Fiesta said...

those are much too pretty to be hiding. I am glad you found them.

Pamela Joy said...

i vote for quilt taffy's pattern, simple charm quilt!

Blakely said...

I like the Quilt Taffy quilt pattern the best. I bet your glad you found those fabric.