Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh No Baby

here it is. before i washed it. a beautiful color & pattern combination.i have never done this thing where you luv your quilt even more after you wash it. i always wash my fabrics before i start cutting so i guess i luv my quilt the whole time i am working on it. but it really did come out of the dryer feeling soft & comfy.there was a little problem with my stitching that is going to require me to mend a quilt before i even use it. i skimped on my sewing line during the piecing process. there was more fraying than i expected & it came undone. i am not sad. this was a fun quilt for me. an experiment to take baby steps outside my comfort box. i was going to try to fix it as if it never happened. but it did happen. so i have decided to just mend it as you would for a loved quilt that had been used & worn. can you say "patch work". should i use the polka dot or the matching butterfly print. hmmm.

pamela joy wanted measurements - after washing - 34 in x 41 in.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Karen! I love the way you matched the fabric. Never mind about needing to do a quick fix- I had that with some flannel pieces. It all adds to the originality and charm of a quilt.

In 2 weeks I should be project free! That will be so liberating. When do you feel like doing the beautiful Christmas project you sent?

eileen said...

Hmmm.. I can't even really see the place that needs patched. The quilt is really SO cute.. love the fabric knots you tied it with. That is really neat.

And thank you very much.. I am using the striped border. But I am not throwing away what I'm cutting off! :-D

Pamela Joy said...

your do an excellent job w/descriptions, however, as usual, i'm confused a bit . . . how big is this quilt? my guess is throw size 50x70 :O)

Des said...

Wowsy! I love your fabric choices. That is totally cute. I think I need to make another one using your brilliant idea of doing the knots on the machine. :) Great job!!